Monday, July 18, 2016

What to Expect with My Newest Following Directions Interactive Activity & Worksheets

Hello everyone!

I am SUPER excited to FINALLY be able to share my newest following directions activity pack with you!

This product includes a 90 stimulus item interactive activity for a tablet, computer, Smart Board, or phone AND 10 worksheets (100 additional stimulus items) that come in 2 different formats (stay tuned).

Let's look at each one:

Interactive Tablet/Computer/Smart Board/Cell Phone Activity

Here you can see the Home Page where you can click around to the different sections of the product.  

Each section has 10 stimulus items, except the Mixed Directions section has 20 stimulus items. At the end of each section, the student will see a little "Congrats, you completed Section #1-8" page. 

Two of my favorite features are the sound effects and slide advancements! If a student selects an incorrect answer, a consistent sound effect will play and the slide will not advance. When the student selects the correct response, a different sound will play and the slide will advance! This makes the activity super interactive!

*Two versions of the interactive product are included. One is a PowerPoint that includes sound effects and a PDF version that DOES NOT include sound effects! They are the exact same product with the only difference being sound effects. This alternate version is great for students who are highly distractable or need a more simplified activity.*

You can open the PowerPoint version on a computer, tablet, Smart Board, or phone. You must have the PowerPoint program/app in order to utilize the interactive features. 

You can open the PDF version using any PDF viewer you prefer. I suggest opening in iBooks on the iPad to take advantage of the interactive features. 
Also included:
PDF - 10 page Following Directions Worksheets
PDF – 10 Page Dabber Following Directions Worksheets
*These files are exactly the same except the Dabber Worksheets replace all of the action directives (circle, underline, color, etc.) with “dab”. *


Thanks for stopping by and checking out my newest product!

Let me know what you think in the comments :)

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